Sleek Colour Corrector Palette…

I love Sleek MakeUp products and was really excited when I saw this little beauty pop up all over my Instagram feed.  Colour correction is an everyday part of my makeup routine, regardless of what look I’m going for.

Colour correction is all about balancing out your complexion by adding a certain colour to a certain problem area to conceal it.  As you’re creating a flawless base, any correcting should be done before applying foundation.

The packaging for this product is the standard Sleek black.  It’s extremely compact for a palette and I was surprised at how good quality the mirror is on the inside.

The colours included in this palette are:

Green – Neutralises redness – ideal for concealing scars and blemishes

Lilac – Neutralises yellow – ideal for brightening sallow, dull complexions

Blue – Neutralises orange – ideal for concealing freckles

Rose – Adds radiance and evens out dark spots

Yellow – Neutralises purple – Ideal for concealing under eye circles on light skin tones

Orange – Neutralises blue – Ideal for concealing dark circles on dark skin tones

The colours have a creamy consistency and I find it best to apply and blend with my fingers rather than trying to blend in with a brush.

This palette is available in Boots, Superdrug and Sleek MakeUp online and is £7.99.

Sleek rarely disappoint and on first impressions I’m really happy with this product.  It could easily be priced in the £10 – £15 range and I’d have still been pleased with the purchase.

H x


Sleek True Colour Loved Up Lipstick…

I hate to admit it, but summer is almost over. In fact for us here in Scotland I think it’s safe to say it’s well and truly over for 2016.

To cheer myself up I’m revisiting my favourite summer shade – Loved Up from Sleek’s True Colour range.

I have a lot of praise for Sleek Lipsticks from the packaging to the actual performance of the product itself, you can’t get better for the price (£4.99) in my opinion.

The black packaging couldn’t be simpler but looks high end, holding it’s own on my dressing table between the Macs and Bobbie Browns.

Loved Up is a beautiful, super girly, hot pink that screams summer fun!  It’s blue toned so perfect for brightening up your smile.

Although it’s a sheen finish, I find it much more longer lasting than other sheens on the market as it has a thicker, creamier consistency. I can put this on and it will only need two or three top-ups during the day.  The creamy consistency means it doesn’t dry out my lips either.

Loved Up keeps me hanging onto summer for a little bit longer.


Sleek Website

Finally Trying Collection Concealer…

I’m really late to catch onto the hype around this concealer.  I see it in almost every Beauty Blogger/Vlogger’s makeup collection as a must have and finally got round to purchasing one.

The two main concealers in my collection for the past year to two years have been Erase Paste by Benefit and the Naked Concealer by Urban Decay.  These aren’t cheap as far as concealers go so is it really possible this £4.19 product could be better?

I purchased Fair Shade 1 and can definitely say this concealer will be a staple in my makeup bag from now.

As far as brightening goes I still prefer Urban Decay but this Collection concealer does not budge all day.  It covers all my imperfections perfectly and conceals the dark circles under my eyes.

The consistency is a lot thicker than I’m used to but it blends well and doesn’t feel heavy on my face.

It’s really difficult to believe this is under £5!

H x

L’oreal Pure Clay Face Masks…

I love face masks and use one almost every night (the only thing that keeps my skin on my side). So when I started seeing my instagram feed fill up with pictures of this new L’oreal range I had to go and try them.

The Masks…


Great for brightening up dull skin this mask has teeny tiny beads that gently exfoliate and buff away any dry patches.  This had a very slight warming sensation after about 3 minutes and then I could feel it starting to tighten up.  I kept it on for 10 minutes and then washed off in circular motions with a face cloth.

This is the perfect mask to use before putting your makeup on for a night out or special occassion because it leaves my skin feeling super soft.


This super thick mask isn’t my favourite to wear but it gives amazing results so I can put up with it.  It dries and tightens really quickly and for me becomes really uncomfortable after about 2 minutes.  However I keep it on for 10 minutes then wash off using warm water and a face cloth.  You really have to work at removing this one.


This pot of green goodness is great for drawing the oil out and mattifying my skin. This more or less matches the consistency of the detox mask. This one dries out on your skin and I leave it on until it lightens. It’s made a huge difference to my oil control already (about 2 – 3 uses).


Each 50ml pot gives around 10 uses although if you’re careful and don’t waste the product by putting too much on you’ll get a lot more than that.


At this moment in time they are on a £5 each offer in Boots (usually £7.99).


This trio is the perfect multi-masking option for this latest beauty trend.  Use the three masks to target specific areas on your face; Detox for cleansing, Glow for brightening and Purity to mattify oily areas.

H x

Boots Link

Benefit Brow Samples…

There’s nothing better than a Benefit freebie sample so when I found out that Glamour and Marie Claire were including samples of the new Benefit Brow range I had to go and snap some up!

As far as brow products go I still haven’t found anything that can beat Urban Decay’s Brow Box but here’s what I thought of the samples I managed to get…

Both products are priced at £18.50 full size.

Firstly was Gimmie Brow and I think my biggest problem with this is the shade. At shade 5 it’s far too dark for me. The aim of this product is to give you fuller, thicker brows but ignoring the colour, I wasn’t sold on the look it gave me in terms of volume either.

Ready, Set, Brow! is a clear setting gel which will control any unruly hairs while also letting you add shape without the need for other products. I think the success of this product will depend on what you’ve naturally got to work with. For me, brow gels aren’t something I need so wouldn’t go out and purchase this.

So, left feeling a little disappointed with these two products and will see if any of my friends want to try them and take them off my hands.


Growing My Hair Post No.2…

6 weeks after my last trip to the hairdressers and I’m still committed to growing my hair out.

Roots are always going to require a huge upkeep when my hair is blonde so I’ve gone back to being a brunette albeit a good few shades darker than my natural light brown colour.

I think my hair always looks healthier when it’s dyed a darker colour.

I decided not have it cut this time and scheduled my next appointment for 7 week’s time.

H x

Next Perfume…

My favourite three perfumes are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I go through bottles of these like they’re going out of fashion!

A few of my friends had mentioned they liked Next perfume as an everyday scent to wear to work. So along I went to Next and was surprised with how nice all their perfumes smelt.

I decided on Floral Bloom with scents of Neroli, Papaya Flower, Waterlily and Sandalwood as a perfect summer fragrance:

Floral Bloom is a lovely, light scent that only needs one top up throughout the day.  It’s light enough to put in my handbag or keep in my office drawer.

I love the box packaging and the inside of the bottle matches that design.

Even better is the price – £8 for a 30ml bottle!

H x

Growing My Hair…

After 18 months of growing my hair (badly) I went for the chop in November 2015.

Here’s the before and after:

Fast forward to now (June 2016 in case any of you weren’t sure or are reading this later) and I’ve decided to grow it again. But this time I’ll be doing it properly with lots of TLC.

I was growing my hair for my wedding and wouldn’t let my hairdresser cut it for fear of them taking too much off. Unfortunately this, combined with over styling on the lead up to the big day, meant my hair was breaking and was completely unmanageable.

This time round there’s no pressure and I’ll be happy to have a little trim every 6 – 8 weeks to keep it tidy.

I’m going to share my journey with all of you as motivation to keep growing it.

My next post will include the products I’m going to use and some of my tips for when you start to grow out your cut.

I’d love to know what tips or tricks you all have if you’ve grown your hair.

H xx

Five Desk Beauty Essentials…

If you’re an office worker like me you’ll know that keeping a few beauty goodies on your desk or in your drawer is essential to keep you feeling good.

I’ve not included makeup in this as I never top up make up (the only exception being lipstick).

Lip Balm

Lip balm/lipstick will keep your lips from drying out. I start everyday with lipstick but usually swap to lip balm later in the day. You can never go wrong with Nivea lip balm.

Hand Cream

I couldn’t get through the day without my hand cream. Hand Food by Soap & Glory is the one I always use.

Body Mist

During the warmer months I like to keep a body mist on my desk to keep fresh. I still love Blissful Mistful from Zoella’s first beauty launch. It looks really pretty on the desk.

Nail File

Essential for any manicured emergency! I love this funky design from Tweezerman.

Hand Sanitiser

I keep one of these in my bag as well as my desk. No explanation needed for this one.

What do you keep on your desk?

H x

(All photos taken from Boots/Superdrug)